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Looking for finance?

No Deposit Finance Solutions for Solar

Why Choose Finance?

A major reason why many businesses don’t install energy saving equipment on their premises is due to the large upfront cost of the solutions themselves.

So we’ve teamed up with industry specialist Solar Financial Solutions to provide our customers with a financing plan that lets you install a range of energy saving solutions without a large up front payment while letting you enjoy an immediately lower electricity bill.

Once installed, your lower energy bill plus the rental payments is in most cases less than your old electricity bill. You pay the system off over time – from 2 to 7 years (just like you rent a mobile phone). This way you can often start saving from the day your system is installed. So you can now get the benefits of reduced electricity bills for $0 upfront. There are no costs up front, so get started today!


Finance Options

Choose from one of our Solar finance solutions below:

Rental Solution

$0 Upfront
  • Immediate savings on your electricity bills
  • Repayments may be fully deductible
  • Benefits

  • No deposit (includes installation & design)
  • Immediate savings on your bills
  • Flexible terms up to 7 years
  • Free pre-approvals
  • Low Doc options available
  • 48 hour approval
  • Repayments may be fully tax deductible
  • No early options repayment penalties
  • Option to buy at the end of rental
  • Installation and manufacturing warranties (Up to 25 years for Solar PV systems)

No Deposit Finance

$0 Upfront
  • Immediate savings on your electricity bills
  • Repayments may be fully deductible
  • Benefits

  • No deposit
  • Immediate savings on your bills
  • Free pre-approval in 15 minutes
  • No early repayment penalties
  • Up to 25 years manufacturing warranty



I would thoroughly recommend Renew Solar & Storage. We got three quotes for our 5kw system and it was refreshing to talk to someone who wasn’t a pushy salesman. The installation was done one time and Todd spent an hour running us through how the system works. Can’t wait to get them back to install some batteries.



Todd’s product knowledge is second to none. We wanted to be sure we were battery ready and had the best products. We were surprised that a lot of other solar businesses were trying to sell products that weren’t tier 1.



We went with Renew Solar & Storage because we wanted to use a local company and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We sent the guys 4 bills and that was it, they took care of the rest.



After getting several quotes we went with Renew Solar & Storage. They were not the cheapest quote but they were the most professional. They explained what was happening at every stage and took care of all the paperwork. It was great to meet young gentlemen who are so passionate about what they do.



The Service was excellent. It was refreshing to get a quote from the guys doing the installation not a salesman in a suit. Our switchboard required an upgrade. Glenn explained exactly what was required and the extra costs. One of the other quotes called a local electrician around to do a further inspection. The other didn’t even show up.



Due to our roof pitch it wasn’t that easy but the guys from Renew Solar & Storage did a fantastic job. We were disappointed when the two other companies we engaged didn’t provide quotes. Todd sat down with us and went through the whole design process and once he showed us the return on invest calculations we realised it was a no brainer. We were shocked when we saw how much it had reduced our first bill.